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do animals think in english or in the sounds they make

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Macklemore speaks the fuckin truth.

People don’t realize how much of a genius Macklemore really is. The only song they know is Thrift Shop, when there are so many more wonderful songs. He raps about the problems of the world. And that is what makes him an inspiring person.

thrift shop is good though. it’s the exact opposite of people rapping about how much money they can waste

I met this guy the other night that looked like Macklemore and every time he walked into the room i couldn’t help myself saying ‘hey Macklemore can we go thrift shopping’. It was like word vomit.


I always see posts about people talking about how tampon and pads ads have girls on beaches and things like that.

And yet in Australia we have really ridiculous advertisements for sanitary products that have girls running around doing shit and this guy


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I wish I had more creepy followers that wanted to know about my boring life and just asked me a million questions a day.

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I’m really sorry i like deserted tumblr..

I just don’t have time, like my life is full speed right now, i’m always doing something. I really miss tumblr and i’m really sorry for deserting you. 

not that anyone actually cares. LOL

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tumblr is basically just full of food and sexual frustration.